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Competence Center

With us you can do

+ Specific Method Development

New simulation methods are no problem for us. Pushing boundaries and breaking new ground is just as exciting for our employees as the tried-and-tested analysis methods for our regular customers.

+ Accurate CAE and CFD Analyses

In the current trend, hardly any component can be developed efficiently without the use of CAE applications. Everything that is designed in our Competence Centers receives support from the Competence Center Simulation.

+ Precise Crash und Safety Simulation

Whether complete vehicle, pedestrian and passenger protection or drop tests for a wide variety of products – we have the solutions for your project.

+ Projected Scenarios for Autonomous Driving

No vehicle is delivered today without assistance systems. From parking sensors to autonomous driving at SAE level 4, our experts are involved in ensuring that all control units in the automobile communicate with each other and, naturally, with the driver as well.

Your contact person

Head of  Competence Center

Dr. Ignacio Esteban

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